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Another use of VisualLab - dcsDigiitser  is to calulate the area size of a map, civic plan or drawing etc.  In the following examples, maps of the Caspian Sea and the Albert Lake of Melbourne, Australia were copied from Google Earth, pasted to dcsDigitiser with a scale bar attached.  One then clicked along the coastlines.  When the first and last points were close enough, dcsDigitiser automatically calculate the enclosed area.  More info ...  

Example 1: Google Earth satellite photo of the Caspian Sea was copied and pasted to dcsDigitiser, with a scale bar of 200 km being attached. The coast line of the Caspian Sea was then manually clicked against the photo. When the distance between the first-last points is close enough, dcsDigitiser automatically calculates the area and perimeter of Caspian Sea, being around 367,153 km2 and 3,727 km, respectively (no curvature of the Earth ground surface has been taken into consideration in this case).

Example 2:  Formula 1 Qantas Australia Grand Prix car racing is held along the Albert Lake in Melbourne.  The lake's area size and circumference are: 510,598 m2 and 4842 m respectively.

Example 3:  An example of a civic plan drawing for building up a townhouse.

When a drawing has irregular boundaries, one realises the power of dcsDigitiser